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It’s On! The Countdown To ‘Path To Purpose’ Has Begun

100’s of Area Employers Are Set To Launch P5’s Four-Week “Path To Purpose” Campaign!
By: David Hunnicutt
December 27th, 2018

It’s Happening!

Beginning January 7, 2019, scores of area employers are preparing to launch a four-week “Path To Purpose” campaign.  The emphasis of this initiative is to not only help employees better-understand their own individual and unique purpose but to put it to good use as well.

Carefully-designed, this employee-centered, business-driven “Path To Purpose” campaign has four specific priorities—each designed to help employees become more purpose-driven.

Click here to see a complete overview of the “Path To Purpose” campaign.

Introducing “Purpose-Finder”

The first campaign activity—which kicks off January 21st—is to help employees better understand their own individual purpose.  By using a simple ‘Purpose-Finder’ assessment, each participating employee will receive a customized and tailored report that delineates their purpose at work—and how they can put it to good use.

“It’s such a simple, but important step,” says Pat Traynor, CEO of Dakota Medical Foundation.  “If employees don’t have a good handle on what their purpose is, it’s going to be almost impossible for them to take the necessary next steps of putting it into practice. That’s why we’ve created ‘Purpose Finder’. When completed, each and every employee will be armed with a highly-informative 14-page report that will give them the guidance they need to uncover their own individual purpose at work.”

Click To View The P5 Purpose Finder Report

To take advantage of P5’s Purpose Finder simply email Jenny Davis at

An ‘Attitude of Gratitude’

Having helped each participant to identify their own purpose, the second major priority of this campaign is to help employees begin recognizing and acknowledging the unique purposes of their colleagues and co-workers—and how they are putting it to good use.

To do this, on Monday, January 28th, 2-3 “gratitude” cards will be placed on employee’s desks. By following a set of simple instructions, employees will be encouraged to recognize their colleagues and co-worker’s purpose–and express their thanks for the great work they are doing. By filling out these simple cards and presenting them to their co-workers, not only will scores of people receive encouragement from their colleagues, but everyone will feel great in the process.

To get your FREE gratitude cards, all you need to do is let us know how many you’ll need.  You can do this by emailing Jenny Davis at

Delivering ‘Epic Acts of Kindness’

The third major priority in the “Path To Purpose” initiative is providing participating employees with an opportunity to practice ‘Epic Acts Of Kindness.’

To do this, area employers will be distributing a unique booklet during the week of February 4th-8th.  Entitled “101 Epic Acts Of Kindness—All On Purpose,” this booklet is loaded with simple acts of kindness that can be performed almost effortlessly by employees. Through this activity, employees will have the opportunity to surprise and delight their co-workers, family, friends—and even customers—with unassuming yet epic acts of kindness.

Click hear to view 101 Epic Acts Of Kindness Employee Booklet

To get these great FREE booklets–and your communications materials–all you need to do is email Jenny Davis at jdavis@dakmed,org!

Celebrating ‘Giving Hearts Day’

Last but certainly not least, the “Path To Purpose” Campaign culminates in ‘Giving Hearts Day.’

Specifically, Giving Heart’s Day is the region’s largest single day of generosity and giving. And during the week of February 11 to the 14, employees will be given the opportunity to give back to the charities that are making our region and communities a better place to live and work.

During this week, employers can participate in a variety of ways which include but are not limited to:

  • Simply getting the word out to employees to let them know that giving opportunities are available;
  • Providing employees with $10 gift donation cards that allow them to designate to the charity of their choice on;
  • Designating an organizational gift of a specific dollar amount and/or conducting a “matching” gift challenge with employees and/or;
  • Sponsoring a classroom of school-children with $10 gift cards so that they can learn the power of giving and doing good for others.

To learn more about Giving Hearts Day For Businesses simply visit this link.

Again, to take advantage of this terrific opportunity, email Jenny Davis at!

Communication Is Key!

To get the word out, participating employers will kick over the dominoes by initiating a simple weekly communications campaign.

Consisting of six straightforward emails, employers will disseminate these communiques to keep their employees “in-the-know” as to what’s about to transpire.

To begin, a “pre-communications” campaign begins during the week of January 7th-11th and culminates on January 18th.  Again, during this time-frame, two simple emails are distributed to get the word out.

Click here to see the two pre-communication emails

Then, to keep the campaign on track and to guide your employees through the planned activities, additional emails will be sent out each week for the next four weeks (January 21st-February 14th).  Those emails will be sent to you in the coming days!

There Is No Charge To Participate–And There’s Still Time To Sign Up!

This four-week campaign is FREE to participating employers and is sponsored by P5 Performance and Dakota Medical Foundation.

The complete calendar of events is located below.

  • Week of January 7-11: Pre-launch email one is sent
  • Week of January 14-18: Pre-launch email two is sent
  • Week of January 21-25: Week 1 “Purpose-Finder” email is sent and employees complete “Purpose Finder” and receive their report.
  • Week of January 28-Feb 1: Week 2 “Gratitude Card” email is sent and employees fill out their cards and present them to the colleagues and co-workers.
  • Week of February 4-8: Week 3 “Epic Acts Of Kindness” email is sent and employees identify from their booklets which acts of kindness they would like to deliver.
  • Week of February 11-14: Week 4 “Giving Hearts Day” email is sent and employees participate in Giving Hearts Day on February 14, 2019!

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