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The Path To Purpose

P5 Announces Calendar And Schedule For 4-Week Employer-Driven Purpose Initiative
By: Dr. David Hunnicutt
December 3rd, 2018

The overarching goal of this evidence-based, innovative four-week initiative is to help the Region’s employers discover the path to purpose and to help their employees find–and to put into practice—their own, unique sense of purpose. To be sure, there is no greater calling than working side-by-side with coworkers and colleagues to serve customers, clients and the community at-large.


To become both healthier and higher-performing, it’s essential that every employee in North Dakota and western Minnesota recognize—and embrace—their own unique, individual sense of purpose. To be sure, when employees come to work each day and are given the opportunity to put their sense of purpose into practice remarkable things happen.  Not only are people healthier, happier and more-productive but the entire organization becomes more prosperous as well.

With this firmly in mind, our collective goal, again, is to bring a strong sense of purpose to every employee in every workplace in the region.

To do this, a unique, easy-to execute, four-week campaign has been developed by P5 Performance staff.

Beginning with a simple “pre-launch” communication plan, this formal initiative will kick-off during the week of January 21st and run through February 14th. During this timeframe, North Dakota and western-Minnesota employers will have the chance to provide simple, turn-key—and yet very powerful and effective—purpose-building opportunities to their employees.

Here’s how the initiative works.

The Schedule

January 7th-11th:  First “pre-launch” email message is sent

  • To get things moving, a simple email is sent to all employees. This email explains the four activities that will be offered in the upcoming weeks and encourages them to get involved.

January 14th-18th:  Second, “pre-launch” email message is sent

  • As a friendly reminder, a second simple email is sent to all employees. This email reiterates the power of the four “purpose-finding” activities that will be offered over the course of the next four weeks and, once again, encourages them to take part.

January 21st-25th:  Activity #1: The “Purpose-Finder” Assessment is launched to employees

  • On Monday, January 21st, a simple email will be sent to employees encouraging them to participate in an online inventory exercise that will help them assess, quantify and better-understand their individual purpose.  By touching on the link in the email, employees will gain access to a quick 5-8 minute assessment that will help them to quantify their individual purpose.  To increase participation, a quick-reminder email will be sent later in the week as friendly gesture to nudge those who haven’t yet taken the assessment.

January 28th-February 1st:  Activity #2: Gratitude Cards are distributed to employees

  • On Monday, January 28th, 2-3 “gratitude” cards will be placed on employee’s desks. By following a set of simple instructions, employees will be encouraged to recognize and express their thanks for the great work their co-workers are doing. By filling out these simple cards and presenting them to their co-workers, not only will scores of people receive encouragement from their colleagues, but everyone will feel great in the process.

February 4th-8th:  Activity #3: “101 Epic Acts Of Kindness” publication is disseminated

  • On Monday, February 4th, yet another simple email with a brief set of instructions will be sent to employees. Specifically, this email will contain a PDF of a document entitled “101 Epic Acts Of Kindness.”  Loaded with simple acts of kindness that can be performed almost effortlessly, during this third week, your employees will have the opportunity to surprise and delight their co-workers, family, friends—and even customers—with unassuming yet epic acts of kindness.

February 11th-14th:  Activity #4: “Giving Hearts Day” Is Celebrated

  • On Monday, February 11th, a final email will be distributed to all employees encouraging them to take part in the Region’s largest single day of generosity and giving. Known as Giving Hearts Day, this special day (February 14th), affords your employees—and organization—with the opportunity to give back to those in the community who are less fortunate.

During this week, employers can participate in a variety of ways which include but are not limited to:

  1. Simply getting the word out to employees to let them know that giving opportunities are available;
  2. Providing employees with $10 gift donation cards that allow them to designate to the charity of their choice;
  3. Designating an organizational gift of a specific dollar amount and/or conducting a “matching” gift challenge with employees and/or;
  4. Sponsoring a classroom of school-children with $10 gift cards so that they can learn the power of giving and doing good for others.

The Bottom Line

This four-week, evidence-based workplace wellness campaign will help the region’s employers (and employees) to not only discover—but to put into practice—their own, unique sense of purpose.  In so doing, not only will employees become healthier, happier and more engaged, but the area’s organizations will significantly prosper as well.

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