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What’s your score? Find out how you can increase productivity and performance by taking our Thrive-in-Five wellness inventory.  

Our Thrive-in-Five wellness inventory is designed to help you identify areas of opportunity to promote employee health and well-being and enhance overall performance. While it shares characteristics that are deeply rooted in health behavior, are dynamic, and multidimensional, this approach is innovative to address the changing workforce needs. We focus on workplace cultures that can be purposefully measured over time.


Upon completing the Thrive-in-Five wellness inventory, you will get immediate feedback on five key aspects shown to support employee well-being and increase performance. You can also see how your organization compares to other employers.

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A need for focused attention on health and well-being is at an all-time high. Individuals are feeling the effects of poor health. At the same time, organizations are facing increased operational challenges that could potentially compromise long-term success and sustainability.

Understanding how workplace culture; recruitment and retention of highly skilled employees; employee productivity; and healthcare costs affect competitiveness and performance is critical for high-performance. The Thrive-in-Five wellness inventory helps organizations address employee well-being and engagement as a management strategy.

Assess your organization under these five Ps:

These areas of assessment are vital to employee health, engagement, and sustainable organizational performance.

It’s paramount to your success.

Consider taking this wellness inventory as a first step to becoming a high-performer. We especially encourage those responsible for workplace culture and health promotion within an organization to take the assessment.


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